Power of words


Words too need the strength to deal with ignorance and reality

There is no absolute range about the power of words

Words do express, attach and distort.

Words do create a musical lyric; mournful stanza too

A sole word may be the reason for countless emotions occupied and preoccupied

Words have the ability to tear one apart

And bring you together

Power of words knew no bound

It floats and floats towards eternity

Such is the power of words.


I crave for the feeling again.



You don’t know how badly I miss it.You don’t know how much I crave for the feeling again.You don’t know I want to feel the butterflies again,the cute texts,the feeling that I’m your baby girl…I miss the way we were in first.l just want to feel that you are still trying to win me even if I belong to you already.wish I can say this to u…but I know this gonna make you mad..and question everything I will say.

His eyes..



His eyes… his eyes glitters as shimmering waves of a united river.

Hope knows no bounds when crossed through his face

His little heart muddled up with unknown surprises;

Bent between the truth and imagination

Laid his small world of gaiety.

He searched and searched for content

And to his amuse discovered a ‘gem’ ;

Laid in corner was his athletic shoes filled with grime

Buffed off those unwanted dust and wore it back to the field.

Ruminating life’s unexplored adventures on through his way,

He found out life’s fantasy on the ground he plays.


The Untold Bond

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

His footstep gets close,her heartbeats gets faster

His breath makes her locus warmth and cold
Unsure of the reality she kept on protesting with herself

Somehow somewhere someway she fell for him;

Love,lust cannot define what’s she got for him

Constant cries and demands that her heart makes out for him

Unsure about faith what it kept back for her

Delighted of his smile; glowed her world.. made her irresistibly happier

The world may tag an unwanted remark.

Escape itself is miserable to invade with her feelings

This is a kind of feeling where there’s no hope, no commitments

Yet it beholds the attachment between two hearts.

Silent, sober within boundations did they emerged

Cries of pain and bitter realities diverged their ways

Such were there unresolved tale…